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Gentoo Forums - Linux on a USB Flash Drive

I had an interesting idea and I need your help filling in the holes: The drive is fast. Fast enough to use as a root partitio[...]

Gentoo Forums - Build a Gentoo install/boot/res...

I've written this how-to after trying to find a boot medium for my home gateway machine which could be used for system rescue[...]

installing linux on a usb drive - Google Search

Installing linux on a usb drive - Google Search

Putting Damn Small Linux (DSL) on USB Pendrive...

This walkthrough illustrates how to install Damn Small Linux (DSL) to a USB flash memory stick from within Windows.

Installing to a USB Flash Drive - DSL Wiki

Tutorial from the DSL Wiki on how to install DSL on a USB Flash drive

Linux Mobile System

Linux Mobile System (LMS) is a full Linux system whose support is the new USB Flash Memory Drives. The intention is to boot a[...]